Jafabit Board

The Jafabit board has come a long way… From this prototype of the game that evolved into Jafabit: To this prototype of the first true Jafabit board: To a version of the game where color-coded d20 dice were the pieces and I had teleport tiles: To a completely modular game that’s easy to set up […]

Game Photo

What is Jafabit? Jafabit is a modular board-game for 2 or more players that plays on a honeycomb map that you build new every game. A typical game lasts about an hour. The game is reminiscent of Chess and features a resource control and well-balanced luck mechanics where the pieces themselves are actually the dice! […]


Septiles What is a septile? It’s a tile consisting of seven hexagonal tiles of varying heights as seen pictured above. In the game of Jafabit you move player pieces around on a board that you build using seven (or more) septiles. This modularity allows for countless game-boards to play on. Each tile within a septile […]


Pieces What are the pieces in Jafabit? The pieces are stylized after Chess pieces and dice. Pieces are engineered to squeeze perfectly into the player bases so they can easily be marked and moved around the game-board. All players in the game of Jafabit share the same pool of pieces. The pieces are as follows: […]

Player Bases

Player Bases Player Bases are colored either Blue, Orange, or Black in the 3 player edition of Jafabit. Player Bases are what each player uses to denote pieces as their own on the game-board. The bases have been engineered so the pieces barely fit inside and “lock” in place around the pieces. It is still […]


Resources What is a resource? It’s a small cube of a single color that “grows” on a tile of the same color. Resources are harvested by pawns and held in a player’s inventory until spent and then respawned on an empty tile of its same color. All players share the same pool of resources. Resources […]

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